China sold 141,000 industrial robots last year

scanning: time:2023-03-07

Xin guobin, vice-minister of industry and information technology in the recently held in the 2018 world conference on robot "international cooperation and opportunities" on the BBS, said: "China's industrial robot sales of 141000 units in 2017, five consecutive years as the world's largest market, applications from automotive, electronics, food packaging and other traditional areas to wine making, ceramics, and other areas of the characteristic to speed up the development."

Experts point out that China has huge potential to improve the level of industrial robots, with the automotive, high-end equipment manufacturing and electronics and electrical industries as major users of industrial robots. Electrical and electronic equipment and equipment manufacturing are major markets for industrial robots in China, and the application of robots in the automotive industry is still growing, with the increase in the application rate in the assembly sector being a highlight of China's industrial robot market in 2017.